Yep, don't even try to learn finnish


makes me all the more impressed with the fact that my dad learned rudimentary Finnish in his

Meillä päin Suomea. Kielinäytteitä kahdeksasta eri murteesta, sekä matkailuvinkkejä.

Meillä päin Different dialects from around

Funny Meme.

Finland personal space looks just about perfect for me. Personal space ( Norway, Italy, France, Finland ) by Hansafan

Well, I don't speak Finnish.  But I wish I did. It just looks and sounds so difficult.

Limited Edition Finnish Shirt

I Know Sign Language Hoodie!

Very yksinkertainen finnish language

Very yksinkertainen finnish language

Funny lol -- Very yksinkertainen finnish language Daily Funny jokes

Finnish - Aurinko?!?

((<<yeah, we like to be a little different here in Finland/Funland))

Finland - Suomi

Finland has a special language


Finnish language with their loooong words

But seriously, when you start speaking Finnish it's easy.

Elementary Finnish - languages, endless source of fascination.