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a cross stitch pokemon clock hanging from a chain on a white wall next to other items
a cross - stitch picture of the eiffel tower in paris, on a table
a cross - stitch pattern of a cat sitting on the ground with its tail up
a cross stitch pattern of a purple and blue horse
Alpha pattern #100477 variation #184605
a blue and white flower with green leaves on the bottom is shown in pixellated pixels
Alpha pattern #52775
a cross - stitch picture of a giraffe on a piece of paper with scissors next to it
a cross stitch pattern with dots and lines on the side, in purple and white
Alpha pattern #6523
an image of a pixel art piece made out of beads
Hama Beads
a piece of art made out of legos with the words best friends on it
pixel art magnets with different colored paw prints on them