Laura Heinlahti-Jämsén

Laura Heinlahti-Jämsén

Laura Heinlahti-Jämsén
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Halloween DIY

DIY Tuesday - 50 simple and cheap ways to turn your house into a haunted mansion this - buzznet

Astounding Cheap Halloween Decorations

Previous pinner said --> DIY Spider Sacs. Could even use newspaper to stuff the sacks instead of baseballs. If you do use newspaper wrap it up in a plastic bag before you slip over the stocking to make sure it doesn't get wet and soggy outside.

How will you get into the Halloween spirit? I'm going to fill my house with these cool Halloween decorations!

Front Door Flies – Attach fake plastic flies or other creepy insects around your front door handle. Every time someone comes to and goes from your haunted house, they’re in for a little surprise.

Image source: Country Living

Bring empty pickle, jelly, and other glass jars back from the dead by turning them into haunting terrariums. Step First, wash each container…