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a candle that is sitting in the middle of some plants
Ljus i vinterfönstret
Advent Wreath
some pine cones are stacked on top of each other in wooden boxes, with the words save
the Urban Farmchick
a small pine tree in a glass vase
Här hittar du alla Sköna hems bloggare!
Make some little candle holders like this from cement
black and white photograph of stars in a glass vase with twig branches hanging from it
Decoratie hangers van Jotte. Witte sterren in 2 formaten.. Foto geplaatst door lekkerfris op Welke.nl
Decoratie hangers van Jotte. Witte sterren in 2 formaten.
a small christmas tree sitting on top of a white table next to a brown bag
Feeling Festive
#Christmas http://www.kidsdinge.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/kidsdingecom-Origineel-speelgoed-hebbedingen-voor-hippe-kids/160122710686387?sk=wall http://instagram.com/kidsdinge
a dining room table is set for christmas dinner with candles and decorations hanging from the ceiling
black and white Christmas table setting
a white bowl filled with moss and flowers on top of a wooden table next to a window
add: design / anna stenberg / lantligt på svanängen
L a n t l i g t p å S v a n ä n g e n
a small christmas tree sitting on top of a window sill
Trendenser.se - en av Sveriges största inredningsbloggar. #xmas
a small pine tree sitting on top of a set of steps next to a lantern
L a n t l i f
a wreath is hanging on the wall next to an old barrel with moss growing on it
Kerstsfeeravond bij Styling & Living Donkere lucht en winterkou..Kleine lichtjes, sober wintergroen..De geur van glühwein en kaneel Zaterdag 12 december16.00 – 20.00 uur Ittervoorterweg 406017 BZ Thorn(Geen verkoop tijdens de sfeeravond, reserveren van accessoires kan wel)
a white chair sitting next to a table with presents on it and a christmas tree in the corner
Discover Zakkia homewares, where Scandinavian Meets Bondi - Nordic Design
Zakkia 2015
a small christmas tree in a basket next to a shelf with ornaments on it and an animal rug
Modern Christmas Decoration Inspiration
Joulukuusi korissa
two candles are sitting in the snow covered ground
four small glass vases with plants in them
Cool Chic Style Fashion