100 best workout songs. Playlists can make such a difference.

100 Best Workout Songs- Gotta Have the Tunes! Everyone has different taste in music, but I hope some of these will be something most of you find true to be a good workout song.


i want this shirt! altho i'd prefer it say "run before bed" i'm not about to run first thing in the morning : )

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Running Running Running

I had forgotten why I love running. The mundane training plan had sucked all the fun out of running. I need to remember WHY I love running.

Running Running Running

No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. I NEED to remember this! I'm such a slow runner, haha!

Pakko latailla ko. kappaleet ja testata toimivatko.

running songs for my ipod. Now I just have to start running. I think I will just listen to the songs first