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a black and white drawing of a man's head with lines drawn on it
Louise Bourgeois
Louise Bourgeois, Anatomy (Detail)
an image of a hot air balloon flying in the night sky with trees and stars
star angling tour
star angling tour by Akira Kusaka
an image of a person sitting on a bench in the grass with birds flying overhead
Promise At Dawn - Evgenia Barinova.
a black and white drawing of birds on a tree branch with butterflies in the background
Marthe Armitage jungle birds handprinted wallpaper linocut hogarth museum exhibition
an illustration of different types of plants and animals in black and white ink on paper
Mirella Bee Pattern Pollinating Visionist.
magictransistor: Ernst Haeckel, Kunstformen der Natur (Artforms of Nature), 1904.
a colorful piece of art with an image of people and animals on it next to a card
Thule Ediciones | Libros ilustrados para niños, jóvenes y adultos
an open book with a drawing of a black cat and a woman in a polka dot dress
Sketchbook page of good luck😋 #cat #botanical #sketchbook #ghost
an illuminated object in the middle of a city at night
Netted Sculptures by Janet Echelman
Netted Sculptures by Janet Echelman
several miniature figurines in a box on a white surface with the lid open
Calder's present to his wife Louisa, for her 50th birthday
an art installation made out of paper and wire with colorful houses on it's sides
The Lazy Jellyfish, a Funny and Colourful World - Petit & Small
The Lazy Jellyfish - Textile installation
an image of two cats dancing together on a red background with text that reads, the cat and the mouse
Vintage Japanese postcard, 1920-40s, Dancing Cats.
two pictures with different shapes and sizes of wood pieces on them, one is cut in half
Light and Shadow – amazing light sculptures by artist Kumi Yamashita
an image of wooden cutouts of people and animals on a blue background with text
Isidro Ferrer
two black birds sitting on top of each other
Kunihiro Amano, Woodblock Print, 1956.
a drawing of a bear with a man in it's back, and an image of a cat on its back
Gabriella Barouch -
Gabriella Barouch