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a white wall hanging with a rainbow design on it's side in a room
Oyoy Mini AW'17 Collection - Believe in Your Dreams - Petit & Small
Wall tapestry - love this rainbow
an overhead view of a toy car in a box
Oyoy Mini AW'17 Collection - Believe in Your Dreams - Petit & Small
If you like the Adventure rug, you will love this #bedding #kidsroom #kidsroomdecor #petitandsmall
three small stuffed animals sitting on top of different colored blocks in front of a brown wall
Oyoy Mini AW'17 Collection - Believe in Your Dreams - Petit & Small
If you like cool, functional and fun designs, OYOY is for you! Read about it on the blog today!
a wooden cabinet filled with lots of items next to a wall mounted clock and potted plant
5 Ways to Decorate the Ikea Ivar Cabinet - Petit & Small
We love the Ivar as it is - in its simple, natural raw wood look as pictured above. But we also love it for it's decorating potential. Sometimes, you feel like customising your furniture and making it special to you. The Ivar cabinet is the perfect piece to transform with paint. No need for power tools or projects that take ages. And you can be sure you'll end up with a unique piece of furniture for your home
De Stijl, Retro, Ferm Living Kids, Organic Cotton, Deco, Cushion, Collection, Pink Organic Cotton
Ferm Living Kids AW17- Fruiticana - Petit & Small
Van, Tops, Rugs And Mats, Pineapple Blanket, Storage Baskets, Kids Stool, Baby Room Decor
Ferm Living Kids AW17- Fruiticana - Petit & Small
a baby laying on top of a blue blanket next to an apple and a banana
Ferm Living Kids AW17- Fruiticana - Petit & Small
two children sitting on a bed made out of cardboards and paper machines, playing with each other
LumoKids Furniture: Reinterpreting Scandinavian Chic - Petit & Small
Elegant canopy bed that can turn it into a loft or bunk bed. What a clever and unique solution!
an animal with glasses on it's face
Little Otja, the Coolest Wall Art for your Kids Room - Petit & Small
Little Otja, The Coolest Wall Art
three wooden blocks with letters spelling good night and a black top hat on one block
Minimalism Meets Fun - Petit & Small
Simple, pure products with a playful twist. Who would resist playing with them?
a small child's bedroom with a bed and toy animals on the rugs
The Best Ikea Stool Hacks (to Steal) - Petit & Small
Who doesn’t love Ikea? We are huge fans of this Swedish shop because you can get great style at very affordable prices. What makes this shop even more special for us is how so many of their pieces can be transformed into something unique. You guessed it. We’re talking Ikea hacks today, and more specifically …
a wooden giraffe lamp sitting on top of a table next to a charger
Handmade Kids’ Giraffe Lamps - Petit & Small
Now kids have a lot to study so parents want to have everything prepared in their studying área.A good lighting is essential because it will help them to study and do their homework at every time without damaging their eyes. But when we are choosing the elements for their room we always want something apart from …
a bed that is made out of wood and white fabric
The Ultimate Guide of Toddler Beds - Petit & Small
Want to know what's the best toddler bed for your kid? Here are a list of the best toddler beds, out Top 15 pieces. Safety, comfort and fun included!
three different views of a model house with red roof and white walls, one in the middle
Dollhouse Chair by Torafu Architects - Petit & Small
Dollhouse Chair: a stylish chair + dollhouse+ storage
four tables with different colors and shapes on each table, one is made out of plywood
Playful design - Petit & Small
Playful design - Petit & Small