Finland - Karelian Pasties/piirakka

Cloudberry Quark: Leftover Tuesday Carroty Karelian Pasties - I Cook Different

I'm from Finland. <3

I'm not from Finland but my Grandparents were. But we don't eeven have polar bears here in Finland.

Finland - the land of many curious (sporting) events... Eukonkanto (as seen on picture), suopotkupallo (soccer in swamps), saunomisen MM (sauna bathing World Championships) and Ilmakitaran soiton MM (Air guitar World Championships) just name a few. Cute and funny Finland themed postcard from

Cute and funny Finland themed postcatd from (for sale at Stadion Hostel, Helsinki)

Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, the only blond I've ever loved


I was searching out a Dio album cover for tattoo reference and this popped up.