The Original Starbucks #Seattle

The very first original Starbucks - Pike's Place Market, Seattle. Used to live there. Been to Pikes Place Market a ton of times. I LOVE that place! So much fun and neat stuff.


Other countries have been using outdoor markets for thousands of years. I can't imagine not having a farmer's market to go to. So glad to hear that the number of markets are on a significant up swing in the US.


Going to markets that have fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods during summer and fall, is one of my favorite things of all time. -by Pauline Boldt. a market in Tuscany.

Kyoto food market - Japan

KYOTO Nishiki food market, Kyoto - loved it here, had my octopus on a stick from one of these little stalls =D

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, province of Naples ,Campania They store so cute and the bike with the basket I can see myself riding around Italy.

Adorable $3 Menu Plan Board. This is a perfect way to incorporate the kids and it only takes about ten minutes. Lots of meal planning ideas.

Adorable Menu Board that you can make to match your kitchen. Perfect to make with the kids and only takes about ten minutes.

Caciotta cheese

Caciotta Cheese - photographer Alessandro Guerani -- when having people over, why not display foods on cool stands like this