Mustavalkoinen sisustus piristyy keltaisella | Kotivinkki

Mustavalkoinen sisustus piristyy keltaisella

Iittala Kastehelmi Footed Bowl, gray

A fine example of truly timeless design, the iittala Kastehelmi Dewdrop Pink Footed Bowl needs to be seen and felt in person to really be appreciated. Named Kastehelmi (dewdrop) after the bubbled detai

Moccamaster KB741 Black

Black Technivorm Clubline Moccamaster that brews most of my coffee.

Oiva/Siirtolapuutarha-munakuppisetti, Marimekko

I have a small obsession with egg cups! I LOVE these :D -Marimekko´s Spring Siirtolapuutarha egg cup

Iittala - KoKo Kulho S 0,5 l

Iittala - KoKo Kulho S l valkoinen - store.

Iittala - Essence Valkoviinilasi 33 cl

With his Essence collection, Häberli created something that was at once innovative and simple — a few glasses that could serve a full range of fine wines.

Iittala - KoKo Syvä lautanen 24 cm valkoinen

Iittala - KoKo Syvä lautanen 24 cm valkoinen

Jalallinen Essence-olutlasi, Iittala

The 48 cl Essence beer glass, designed by Alfredo Häberli, is a perfect addition to Iittala’s Essence glass collection. The idea of the glassware collection is to simplify the wide range of wine and beer glasses into a few essential, versatile glasses.