Solar system

Planet cut outs. Key Concepts include: Position of the Earth in the solar system Print the worksheet on card stock, cut out, and have the students put the planets in order. Students could also number the planets to demonstrate order.

Preschool The 5 Senses Worksheets: My Five Senses Match-Up Worksheet

My Five Senses Match-Up

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Water Cycle Activities

Our Solar System..Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips 5th grade..McKinley School K-8 Pasadena, CA {sorry, no link}

Solar System Activity Ideas: Our Solar System.Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips Deborah Gangi-Hall grade.McKinley School Pasadena, CA

Solar System Coloring Pages - Printable

Solar System activities for kids: Preschool Space Coloring Pages. Going to use this for an activity where the kids have to line up planets largest to smallest.

Astronaut Preschool Skill Worksheets

Astronaut Preschool Skill Worksheets

Jolanthe, homeschool mom and creator of the site Homeschool Creations, recently began a new space thematic unit with her kiddos and had the grace to share her Astronaut Preschool Pack with the rest.

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Roskisrotta - Lasten kierrätysseikkailu | Oppiminen |