mapping unit -- can download whole unit!

Free 65 page dnload unit for Kindergarten.I bet you could use some of these printables for children a little older and younger {nice}

Why are there 5 rings of the Olympic Games? Explore the continents of Olympic Games with FREE Printable

The Story of the Olympic Rings with Free Printable

Continent Twister - Geography Learning with a Twist!

Continent Twister - Geography Learning with a Twist! This project has cooperative learning, problem solving, mapping skills, even a rubric to assess the learning

Fun Map Activities for Kids - learn about cultures, geography and more great ideas!

10 Map, Geography & Culture Activities for Kids

Match countries to continents with this free Olympic Games printable

Continents and Countries Olympic Sort

oh, i see.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland//Omg thank you. Pinning to remind everyone that Ireland is in the British Isles but not Britain

Africa in perspective

Africa Is Bigger Than You Think

Funny pictures about Africa in perspective. Oh, and cool pics about Africa in perspective. Also, Africa in perspective photos.