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an open book with the words written in russian and english on it's cover
Uutta kohti
a comic strip about the life and times of dr seussel, who is in his
Lassi ja Leevi kesäloma.
a comic strip with an image of a man on a motorcycle in the woods and another cartoon
Lassi ja Leevi kesäloma.
a computer screen with a poem written on it
an iphone screen with the words in russian and english on it, along with other languages
an iphone screen with the words in russian and english
Runo oppilaille.
a group of people standing around an orange bucket
Toxic Waste - Description of a Teambuilding Exercise
Team building exercise, atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling.
two pencils sitting on top of a drawing with an orange ball in the middle
Optical Design. Colored pencils abstract coloring. Art lesson.
I've done this project quite a few times, but this site has great in-progress pictures for my needier students.
snowmen skating on the ice in front of a christmas tree and cityscape
picture-book.com is under construction
No People Like Snow People
a lone sailboat floating in the middle of the ocean on a foggy day
Travel the seven seas..