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Hei. You can call me Hella and I have no idea what I'm doing so... bye. "runs away to pin more stuff"
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my dreams are all Atlantis

raven for mah pal andre’s birthday! it’s based on his design which i fell in love with heh :)) go wish him a happy birthday if you can!


Bilbo Tooth brought me up on this book. I can picture his battered hardback, loose-paged and dog-eared, waiting on a shelf for him to read it to my children one day. Dani x

Puttin' On Makeup by Booter-Freak.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I always wondered about Amon& scar makeup, and if he wore it just that one time, or was crazy prepared and wore it everyday, and did he use bloodbending to get the lip curl, and why not just get h.

Zuko and Mai

viria: “that’s little something I wanted to draw before I left into the ‘almost no internet’ and ‘definitely no tablet and digital drawing’ zone, sigh I wanted to make Zuko more 'The Promise’ inspired.