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Homemade Face Masks for 6 Different Beauty Problems - 14 Beneficial Beauty Tips for Face and Body Care to Beautify Yourself from Head to Toe

Concealers for days. Love the LA GIRL range

"new" shade porcelain is actually pretty light and yellow toned! Next I will bought that green color correct one cos i want to see cant i tone down some redtone concealer/foundations! Lets hope its pale mint green! Wish there were lilac one too!

20 Healthy Easy Dinner Recipes - Looking for healthy, easy recipes that taste GREAT and everyone in the family will love? Plenty of options here that you'll want to put into your regular rotation!!

It’s that time of year when many people decide to either lose weight or clean up their diet. Replacing Christmas cookies with more vegetables and cleaner food choices doesn’t have to be torture, boring, or bland. Nor does it have to be time-consuming or i


*written* SO IMPORTANT: Self-Care to do list // Little tasks to pamper & love yourself on spa days, lazy Sunday's, or even every single day Pin, save, and share for others to see!


Want to make all of those cool symbols in social media posts or other text? Now you can with out Alt Codes Cheat Sheet. Quickly reference the most commonly used alt codes so you can start creating all kinds of crazy (and useful) symbols.

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How to do the splits: 8 stretches to get you there! I think if I were capable of doing these 8 stretches, I probably wouldn't need a list show me how to do the splits. But I can do the splits.

100 THINGS TO DO FOR IMPROVED SELF CARE PRINTABLE - we could all do with a bit more self-care to improve our all round wellbeing, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Happy new year, buddies! I think part of that is that we could all do with a bit more self-care to improve our all round well-being, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.