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an abstract drawing of a woman's head with long hair and flowing white paint
Kingyo #3 ⓢ - Domitilla Biondi | Paper Poetry
detail of «Kingyo n.3» from the Japanese Art Series - September 2016 | domitilla biondi paper carving | paper-poetry.com _______ #papercarving #papercut #paperwork #paperpoetry #minimal #basrelief #miniature #white #shadowart #italianartist #japaneseart #harmonia #beauty #spirituality #paperporn #color #light #kingyo #siamesefish
a black cat on an orange background with chinese characters
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Exquisite Matchbox Art Proves Smaller Is Better
an image of a fish made out of paper
Kingyo #2 ⓢ - Domitilla Biondi | Paper Poetry
«Japanese Art» Series | July 2016 bas-relief carved on Fabriano white smooth cardboard | 45 x 76 cm This art is for sale.
This looks just like my cat, Yoshimi! by Tadashige Nishida. Art Japonais, Japan Art, Japanese Prints, Cat Illustration, Cat Drawing, Cat Print
This looks just like my cat, Yoshimi! by Tadashige Nishida.
an image of a full moon in the night sky with tree branches and birds flying around
Crashingly Beautiful
Yajuro Takashima (Japanese 1890-1975) Mangetsu, 1963. I might pin this here & on my art board - I really like it
an abstract photograph of trees in the fog
Incredible and Unique Drawings by Brooks Salzwedel - Artists Inspire Artists
Brooks Salzwedel’s drawings are hand drawn graphite on Duralar cast in layers of resin. Color in the pieces are made by layers of transparent tape.
a person in a boat on the water surrounded by bare trees and foggy sky
12 композиционных приемов в фотографии (с примерами)
12 композиционных принципов в фотографии (с примерами)
a person in a boat on a body of water surrounded by mountains and trees, with the sun setting behind them
Raindrops and Roses
Vietnam in Don Hong Oai’s view. He is a Chinese photographer man.