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a green and orange flower brooch sitting on top of a white surface with beads
six different colored flower brooches on a white surface with pearls around the petals
small stuffed birds in a bowl with pink ribbon on the sides and bows tied around them
an image of some little dragon brooches on a wooden table with text overlay that says stitch your own felt baby dragon
Baby Dragons felt pattern
Stitch up these sweet baby dragons with easy felt sewing patterns from little dear! #dragonpattern #feltanimals #feltpattern #dragonplush
a keychain with a dog paw on it
Felt paw cute craft ♡
a close up of a cat brooch with flowers in the background
Значок из фетра
two pink and white cat brooches with black eyes on blue fabric background, one has an embellishment in the shape of a star
Fairy Princess
the teddy bear is cut out and placed on the floor with measurements for each piece
a purple and white striped scarf with a black hat on it next to a window
Эдгар из фетра сзади
Игрушка бравл старс из фетра Эдгар
a stuffed toy is sitting next to a window
Эдгар из фетра 💗
Игрушка бравл старс из фетра Эдгар
two little owls are sitting on top of each other in the palm of someone's hand
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