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Mittaaminen unifix-palikoilla

Mittaaminen unifix-palikoilla

Rhythm Cup Explorations Coil Bind Square

Drumroll please.I can't tell you how excited I am to make this announcement! Do you know about the "cups craze?" Well, it's taking kids and teens by storm and now you can bring that excitement into actually teaching rhythm with: Rhythm Cup Explorations

Beethovenin kuudes visualisoituna.

Check out these cool videos of famous works of music that have been graphed out. My kids loved these. I had them conduct to the vids. Also great visual representation of musical form and high/low. mozart symphony particularly good.

5 Tips On How You Can Be A Better Piano Player….yep i need to hear this!

Playing piano is something that can help people release emotions and enjoy music. However, playing well can be hard to do, so here are six simple tips that can help you become a better pianist.

Jim D'ville's 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons for the beginner! http://www.playukulelebyear.com/category/26-basic-ukulele-lessons/

Welcome to the first installment of 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons: What Is A ‘Ukulele? These three-minute lessons are designed for the person who is just getting started on the ukulele. The series is sponsored by Kala Brand Ukuleles.