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an english worksheet with pictures of animals and their names, including the letter g
the words in different languages are shown with pictures on them and there is an elephant, bird
Språklek med djuren
a tree with the words med andra on it
Synonymer sa hon
a crossword puzzle with the words,'koesoed west'and an image of
Korsord med höst-tema
a crossword puzzle with different items on it
Korsord med vår-tema
a worksheet with words and pictures on it
Nedladdningsbart material: Adjektiv
a menu with pineapples on it and the words durrator written in german
Mariaslekrum - Illustrerade gåtor.
an image of children's clothing and clothes for winter holidays with the words winterkiddle on it
Mariaslekrum - Pratkartor.
the words are in german and english to describe what items you can wear for work
Lär dig svenska - lektion 10 - köket - Svenska för Nybörjare @svenskamedmarie