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Moomin enamel mug - Moomin black - Muurla Not exactly ceramics, still pretty

Moomin glass called Little My floating.

Little My floating glass, 21 cl, is designed by Tove Slotte keeping with the original drawings by Tove Jansson. Complete your collection of Moomin glasses with


Moomin Adventure Pitcher The great porcelain maker, Arabia, has once again added another piece to its already extravagant Moomin collection with this cute glossy-finished pitcher. A part of the new "Moomin Adventure" series, t.


At long last the Moomin Ancestor gets his own mug in the fab Moomin mug range. He appears in a couple of the Tove Jannsen Moomin Books and dwells in the Moomin family stove!

Bicchieri Mumin The Wild West e Riviera Produttore: Iittala Design: Tove Slotte

Muumi lasit Villi länsi ja Riviera (Moomin Glasses Wild West and the Riviera)

Mumin - takeaway mugg --- Takeaway thermosmugg med skruvlock. 129 Kr

Termosmugg med Mumin - what´s not to like?

Arabia Muminmugg, Trogen sitt ursprung

Arabia Muminmugg, Trogen sitt ursprung

Iittala - Mumi krus Snorkfrøken

Moomin Mug Arabia Snorkmaiden Pink Arabia