Henna Turunen

Henna Turunen

Just one little 20yo girl from Finland-''the land of a thousand lakes.'' Focusing on the simple pleasures of life&living life to the fullest. πŸ’•
Henna Turunen
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Baby, flip this around - my love roars louder than your demons. I love you, you Sexy Beast! Thank you for spending the time with me this weekend. Like I said - I want to make you happy! I love you so much!

winter pinecone and candle wedding centerpiece / http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/rustic-winter-pinecone-wedding-ideas/

There is no better moment than Christmas time to get your feet wet when it comes to trying out Scandinavian traditions. Just like in other countries, Scandinavian Christmas celebrations have become.

Once you’ve said yes to the dress, say HELL YES to these shoe decals. | 27 Things You Need To Have A Classy AF Harry Potter Wedding

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