A creative way to stack fire wood in the house, so you don't have to go outside to fetch some when it's freezing. Even if you don't have a fire place you can still pull this look off.

Rustic and calming room with sunny sitting/reading window nook - what a simple way to store/stack firewood! Would be great in any cabin or cottage - curl up on a rainy day with a book and coffee. Love the map and globe accents

This would make a great towel rack, quilt rack, clothes dryer..... O the many uses! I love it. Cut each end off. Screw & glue the rung in. Glue the ends on , use finish nails to hold in place.

Comfortable and Relaxing Summer House

Vessassakin voi olla hirsiseinä. | Unelmien Talo&Koti Kuva: Joonas Vuorinen Toimittaja: Hanna Sandström

I like it but gosh this is so strange. iit feels like a nice kitchen and the WC should be a chair.

twin horizontal murphy bed | Murphy bed plans queen size

The murphy bed plans are the easy as well as space-saving method to have the coziness of whichever size of the bed you might want but without any space problem.

Window Treatments in Decor & Housewares - Etsy Home & Living

Curtain Tieback Deer Antler Tie Back Holdback Cabin Decor Primitive Natural Rustic Woodland via Etsy. Love this, except not possible with kids in the house.

DIY Headboard from Pallets

DIY Furniture & Home Accessories Made with Wood Pallets

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