Herkko Pulkkinen

Herkko Pulkkinen

Herkko Pulkkinen
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Cuillère à glace pour les brais. Passoire pour la tête. Mais quelle imagination ! Dommage je ne trouve pas de photo de celui ci à l'orphelinat.

Junk Robots American artist Brian Marshall (aka Adoptabot) makes his sculptures from junk and vintage appliances. I love his ingenuity and his imagination to bring these cute little creature to life from a pile of junk, amazing!

artificially intelligent robot musio, learns and adapts with you

the 'musio' uses access to the internet to help with basic tasks, as well as redefine itself as an educational tool for children to learn with

Very Detailed BB-8 Robot Build | Hackaday

This is VERSION 2 of my Star Wars droid which I started building in Early October This time I'm showing the basic principle of how it's intended t.