Armbrust & Zubehör

35 Pins
a tall black vase with two arrows sticking out of it's sides on a wooden floor
Pfeilköcher um 1250
Rekonstruktion, Holz, Leder, Pergament, Eitempara
Löffelholz Codex, 1505 Middle Ages, Gothic, Meister, Ancient Tools, Old Tools, Ethnographic, Ancient, Medieval Furniture, Medieval
Zainlade, 16Jhd.
Löffelholz Codex, 1505
a small plane made out of wood and some sort of tool on a red surface
Zainlade nach Löffelholz, 1505
a wooden object with two screws on it's end and a red carpet in the background
Zainlade nach Löffelholz, 1505
an old pair of woodworking tools sitting on top of a red cloth covered floor
Zainlade nach Löffelholz, 1505
a drawing of a device with two screws on it
Federlade, 16Jhd.
Löffelholz Codex, 1505
two knives are on top of a cutting board
Rekonstruktion der Federlade nach Löffelholz, 16Jhd.
Löffelholz Codex, 1505
various tools are laid out on a table with pictures and other items to be used
Verschiedenste Rekonstruktionen, 15/16Jhd.
an open box containing several different types of knives and other kitchen utensils in it
Schubdeckelkiste mit Holz, Rohhaut und Pergamentfedern, 15/16Jhd.
an old stone building with a window in the wall and other items on the floor
Rekonstruierte Schießkammer um 1250
Burg Blankenhorn, Eibensbach
an old man sitting on a bench working on something
Bolzenbauwerkstatt um 1250
Freilichtmuseum, Bachritterburg, Kanzach
several pieces of wood sitting on top of a gray countertop next to each other
Armbrustbolzen 13/14Jhd.
Schlanker linsenförmiger Querschnitt
several pieces of wood are laid out on the ground
Armbrustbolzen 13/14Jhd., Zaine aus Eiche, eingenutete Holzfedern aus Ahorn
five different types of woodworking tools lined up in a row
Armbrustbolzen 13/14Jhd.
a man dressed in medieval clothing holding a bow and arrow while standing next to a stone wall
Armbrustschütze Crossbowman um 1250
Burg Puchberg, Österreich
an old wrench and ruler on a red surface
Armbrust-Spannhaken, 13-14Jhd.
two wrenches sitting on top of a piece of metal next to a pair of scissors
Rekonstruktion & Original
Geschmiedet von Martin Siniki
an old metal wrench sitting on top of a red cloth
Rekonstruktion/Spannhaken 13/14Jhd.
a white leather belt with a metal hook on the bottom and an adjustable buckle at the end
Rekonstruktion/Spanngürtel um 1250
a piece of metal that looks like a tie
Kreuzfahrerbibel, franz. um 1250
Kreuzfahrerbibel, franz. um 1250
an old book with some drawings on it
Berittener Armbrustschütze mit Spanngürtel!
Englisch, 1240-50
three different types of tools on a red surface
Brandbolzen, spätmittelalterlich
Eigene Rekonstruktionen anhand von Originalstücken
an old book with three arrows and two feathers on the page, in which one arrow is
Jagdbolzen, 16Jhd.
Löffelholz Codex, 1505
two tools are sitting on top of a ruler
Bolzeneisen, 11/12Jhd.
Burg Puchberg, Österreich
Armbrustschütze 13Jahrhundert
Burg Puchberg, Österreich
a piece of wood next to a ruler
Armbrustnuss, 16Jhd.
Geweih, Eisen
a piece of bread sitting next to a ruler
Armbrustnuss, 16Jhd.
Geweih, Eisen
an old wooden object on a white surface
Armbrustnuss, 15Jhd.
an image of different shapes and sizes of objects in the form of letters with numbers on them
ВКЛ 14-15 век. – 240 photos | VK
a close up of a wooden object with holes in it's center and bottom
Armbrustnuss, 15Jhd.
an image of a painting with a man holding a hammer and wearing a red helmet
Portrait detail from British Library Royal MS 12 F XIII "The Rochester Bestiary" (c 1230-14th century), f11v
a drawing of a man holding a bow and an arrow in his right hand while standing next to another man
Medieval Crossbows
an ancient painting with a woman holding a bow and arrow
Fresco from the Church of San Baudelio de Berlanga, Soria, Spain - 12th century Archer hunting with Crossbow
an image of different types of objects in black and white paper with text on it
AD1040, Colletiere a Charavines, France. Crossbow remains - suggested as a light hunting crossbow without a rotating nut, allthough rotating nuts are clearly visible form period art from AD1050.