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Notes on Pirouettes a Ballet Education

Notes on Pirouettes a Ballet Education>>>i showed this to my science geek smart friend and he did a damn good pirouette on his first try


i don't wαnt toulouse you, αnd i'm fαwking sirius

Perfect brows

How to fill in bare eye brows. A perfect eyebrow tutorial using pencil and shadow.

“Sending out positive vibes...attract what you want in life #happyvibes #yoga #meditation”

"Take time to do what makes your soul happy." Whether it be yoga, shopping, kickboxing, or staring at a wall. Make time for you! Happy soul makes for a happy day no matter what


Harry Potter Fans Will Freak Over These Phone Cases -yes yes we will!

Harry Potter lockscreen

30 Inspiring Harry Potter Quotes Potter (Best Movies Ever)

Halter neck chiffon elegant dress

I love shoes. I adore shoes. I see a pair of shoes sometimes on the floor across…

Si deseas activarte pero no te agrada la idea de asistir a un gimnasio o hacer rutinas en casa porque te resulta aburrido, la mejor alternativa es bailar. La danza aporta varios beneficios a tu salud: -Estimula una correcta postura al caminar -Se fortalecen los pies, piernas y brazos de una manera divertida -Otorga bienestar al cuerpo y al estado de ánimo -Estimula la creatividad y flexibilidad debido a los diferentes ritmos y coreografías -Se obtiene una mejor irrigación sanguínea

Contemporary fit - Karen Heartt (Photo by Christopher Peddecord)

Acts of Light : Modern Dance

"The dance is the mother of the arts. Music and poetry exist in time; painting and architecture in space. But the dance lives at once in time and space. ~ Curt Sachs" Half pinning for the the picture.

I was Ginny Weasley, how about you?

Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You? I got Ginny!