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CVC Words Roll - awesome reading center!!

CVC Words Roll

First of all - Happy Friday, friends!! I have been very busy but wanted to take a second to tell you all about a reading game I LOVE. Ha...

activity to go with Biggest Best Snowman

Let it snow! PLEASE! :)

I just cannot seem to get back into the groove ever since Christmas break. Partially because we have to do all of our winter testing (no fun). And that full moon that seemed to last ALLLLLL week this past week didn't help either. I am loving the nice weather we are having, but it does NOT feel like January at all. I have secretly been waiting and waiting for some snow days.... but since it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime in the near future, we had a snow unit at school for the…

mikapanteleon-PawakomastoNhpiagwgeio: ΚΑΙΡΟΣ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑ:"Η Κοκκινοσκουφίτσα"

ΚΑΙΡΟΣ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑ:"Η Κοκκινοσκουφίτσα"

Στον παλαιότερο Οδηγό Νηπιαγωγού (2007, κεφ 8, σελ.101-105) αναφέρεται ως προτεινόμενη δραστηριότητα αφηγηματικού λόγου, η αναδιήγ...

POKEMON FREE FOR PRINT | memory cards pokemon to print

Printable matching game for kids - Pokemons (2) - Print and cut out the cards | Memozor

Free printable memory game for kids with Pokemons cards such as Pikachu, Charmander... Simply print and cut it to make an original memory game homemade to play with family or friends

5 Hidden Pictures by Chuck Dillon, via Behance

5 Hidden Pictures

Created for Highlights Eagle Eye Hidden Pictures. Each illustration is accompanied by a story starring Heidi and her dog, Zeke.

logische volgorde

6 images séquentielles de "Boucle d'or et les trois ours" d'après Rose Celli et les illustrations de Gerda Muller - dis bonjour au soleil

Ces images sont extraites des "albums du père castor" aux éditions Flammarion

4 Hidden Pictures by Chuck Dillon, via Behance

4 Hidden Pictures

4 Highlights Hidden Pictures for their Eagle Eye publication. These illustrations are accompanied by stores where the viewer needs to find one key hidden object then 14-16 more.

images Père castor

6 images séquentielles de l'album: le petit bonhomme de pain d'épice d'Anne Fronsacq et Gérard Franquin, éditions du Père Castor - dis bonjour au soleil

Write your own comic strip

Write your own Wimpy Kid Comic Strip

Fancy producing a Wimpy Kid story of your own? Use these boxes and our top tips to give it a go!

6 images séquentielles de l'album : " à trois on a moins froid" de Elsa Duvernois et Michel Gay, école des loisirs - dis bonjour au soleil

6 images séquentielles de l'album : " à trois on a moins froid" de Elsa Duvernois et Michel Gay, école des loisirs - dis bonjour au soleil

Open linkkivinkit: Tarinatunti - kirjoittaminen

Tarinatunti - kirjoittaminen

1. Kuvia ja kuvakarttoja on helppo käyttää apuna tarinan juonta luotaessa. Kuvat voi näyttää älytaululta tai ne voi tulostaa oppilaille värillisinä. Klikkaa kaikki kuvat suuremmiksi. Hyvä hakusana on esim. cartoon map Storybird - sivustolta löydät paljon kuvia, joita voi käyttää tarinan lähtökohtana tai motivaattorina. Tästä saat ladattua hienot kuvat tarinoiden ideointiin Pinterest - writing prompt pictures 2. Pienimmille oppilaille kuvitetut monisteet tai tarinakartat on hauska tapa…