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how to draw a horse in the shape of an equine with instructions on how to
The Bridge of Engagement
The bridge of engagement unifies the horse's body in movement, and allows continuous and amplified transmission of the power generated by the haunches.
the diagram shows how to draw a horse and its rider's body in three different positions
two pictures of a person riding a horse with arrows pointing to the right and left
Le dos du cheval ou apprendre à faire fonctionner son cheval
an image of the anatomy of a horse
The Anatomy of the Postural Ring
HHT Dressage Diagrams
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse wearing a green and red jacket
Visualization exercises for riders
Visualization exercises for riders - Equine Wellness Magazine
an info sheet shows how to ride horses
Veterinary Medicine & Pet Care blog
the drawing shows how to draw people on horses
an image of how to ride a horse
Reinventing the Wheel?
Some have claimed we are trying to reinvent the wheel by offering an alternative to the techniques of the old masters, we say we're just trying to get it rolling in the right direction...
a drawing of a horse with the rider on it's back and two arrows pointing up
HHT Dressage Articles
HHT Dressage Articles
an image of the horse and rider's postures in different positions, with instructions on how to use them
HHT Dressage Diagrams
a drawing of a hand holding a purple object with two yellow lines in the middle
Murdoch Minute No. 117 Close The Lower Front Door | The Murdoch Method
an image of the evolution of the rider
NameBright - Coming Soon
a man sitting on a toilet with his back turned to the side and holding an orange object in his left hand
Applied Posture Riding Home - Applied Posture Riding - #
Back ward tilt of the pelvis in horse riding posture
two human skeletons sitting on top of each other
Tack & Auxillary Equipment - The Saddle & Its Function
Many riders stiffen the back by tucking their pelvis
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse across a sandy field with trees in the background
Vorwärts-abwärts - aber richtig!
Vorwärts-abwärts - aber richtig!