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Someone can't math. 1 lb= 3500 calories. 2 Jumping Jacks= 1 calorie burned. (All according to this picture.) Pin logic= 1000 jumping jacks equals 1 lb burned.   1000 Jumping Jacks= 500 calories burned.  7000 Jumping Jacks= 3500 calories burned.   Math. It's not just for balancing your checkbook.

Someone needs a fact checker. This math is so wrong. 1000 jumping jacks is only 500 calories burnt. That's only the calories of one pound of fat, 3500 calories. To burn 1 pound do 7000 jumping jacks. That sounds a bit more reasonable, eh?

Make Your Own Almond Milk and Almond Flour (for cheap and easy!) - via All Sorts of Pretty

DIY almond milk and almond flour. I've made almond milk in the blendtec but didn't realize I should save the pulp for flour. We drink almond milk every day. As soon as raw almonds are on sale I am stocking up again.