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Skeleton Stamp Kit with Wooden Backs by natalieallsupedwards, $70.00

Skeleton Stamp Kit with Wooden Backs. and I'm not even a huge fan of Halloween.

Hug Me | Paper Cut Animation by Caseyillustrates

Artwork was created in Illustrator, then animated and stylized in After Effects. For a less grainy version check it out here!

This is a really good idea and something that I could realistically put my own spin on. It makes me think that using other objects may be the way to go.

This is an idea that is simple but also very creative. It shows that with little change in shot composition and simple materials, entertaining pieces can be made.

Personal project about stop motion story. Everything is made of papers. Big thanks to Erin Austin and Rob Gungor from OK Sweatheart who worked on this beautiful music.And thanks to Brian Le Gad on assisting me in the process of taking pictures.

This summer, Petaluma Community Access is offering a Stop-Motion Animation Workshop for our inspiring members. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to create their own stop-motion animation videos.

Paper Cut Out Animation

Paper Cut Out Animation. Project held by Esplanade called "Feed Your imagination". Our aim was to create the animation according to a chinese orchestra piece that was produced by Ding Yi Music Company, Singapore.