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Open Cara)) I ride into the town my cloak draped lightly over my head. I avoided going to town but today I had to. I had to resupply. I halt my horse in front of the blacksmiths shop and dismount. "He needs his front shoes replaced." I say handing him off to the blacksmith. I turn and walk swiftly from the stable my eyes catching yours as we pass by. My steps falter just barley before a tip my chin up and keep walking. A little later as I'm walking out of the general store I see you again…

After days of being cooped up in the dark, the Emperor decided to escape the crowded walls of his kingdom. He rode his faithful steed for a glimpse of a life outside of responsibility and the claws of his advisors.

sahgi;wabgi;bslfndksal;ieabdks I need this soooooo bad!

English nerd jokes are the best kind.

And people wonder why I have no faith in humanity and why I laugh at things that "normal" people don't find funny

"A degree in history: Ruining your childhood one animated movie at a time." - F* Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast. personally a history minor but same thing too

Oh, the joys of being a history major...

"Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone repeats it.

"tumblr fillers" by guccisalt ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, drawings, doodles, art, backgrounds, text, quotes, outline, embellishment and detail

backgrounds, text, quotes, outline, embellishment and detail

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Girls unite, girls learning to love themselves


I am constantly torn between "I don't need anyone, I'm an independent woman" and "Hey you, please fall in love with me".

26 Of The Most Legendary Snapchats To Have Graced The Internet

Victorian Kesha timber he goeth down I yelleth timber

I've been waiting for someone to pin this all of my life.-- just in case I decide to get crazy and grow it :)

nice Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair - theFashionSpot

Learn the 10 Minute Wider Hips Workout to Fix Hip Dips-The best hip dip workout exercises with full workout video that is easy to follow. Add this to your butt workout for wider hips and an hour glass figure

Yoga Fitness Flow - These are something I used to incorporate. I need to start agin. The caption made me chuckle. The hip dip. Lol - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever! …Without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!