Heli Hänninen
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Balmain Resort 2014

This is an example of how Art Deco style is relevant today in the fashion industry. This is from Balmain Resort 2015 Fashion Show. He uses classic Art Deco bold rich colours as well as very structured and pattern resembles 3 prong table.

Air Chair not even sure how this is possible but I must try it.

"Air Chair" aerial shoulder mount position, pull arm down behind your head (as far as you can), hook elbow, lift legs then try letting go of the hooked arm

HOMED FRIUT POPCICLES !!!!!! first pureed watermelon. Put fresh cut fruit in a popcicle tray and pour the watermellon puree over the fruit. Put it in the freezer for about two hours or unitl solid. Experiment with all kinds of fresh fruit. Great healthy summer snack and a way to get your kids to eat more fruit!

These homemade sliced fruit popsicles are the ultimate summer treatrefreshing, healthy and easy to make! Gather up some of your favorite fruits, slice em up and layer them in a popsicle mold. Pour in some Capri Sun fruit punch, insert a popsicle stick