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Harri Laaksonen

Harri Laaksonen
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The mission of the Nelimarkka Foundation is to preserve and promote Eero Nelimarkka’s production and life’s work.

Boy leaning on a Windowsill, holding a Birdcage attributed to Caspar Netscher (Heidelberg 1639 – The Hague Date 1665 (inscribed).

This painting of a lace maker, dated is from the Dutch artist Caspar Netscher (c. Netscher was famous for his depictions of textiles, especially oriental rugs, brocades and silks.

Gabriel Metsu The Apothecary - The Chemist, , Musee du Louvre, Paris. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of The Apothecary - The Chemist by Gabriel Metsu.

Oil painting showing an elderly female spinner sat in a simple domestic interior saying grace before her meal of meat and bread. A dog lies on the floor.