Metallic trees Klimpt Winter - I do these but use neon colors for the leaves.might have to try different metallics next year!

Leaf Symmetry Drawings- love this idea as an art/science/fall decorations lesson!

Leaf Symmetry Drawings- love this idea as an art/science/fall decorations lesson! Science: teaches students the different types of trees and leaves.

Trees...very cool that it's a collaborative project #trees #textileart #mixedmediaart More

Just think of these trees as being an art quilt. vwr clair letton: Fantastic Trees - collaboration project maybe - individual trees displayed together - winter or spring Zentangle piece?

I want this as a canvas

Thanks Heidi Bolster for this awesome activity! It works great with some of our lower functioning geriatric patients.

Polka Dot Spot: Different Perspective Trees. instead of having everybody do those same q-tip trees, some may want to do them like this which may turn into some interesting ideas(;

Fifth graders learned about two different types of perspective, worm’s eye and bird’s eye. Worm’s eye perspective is as if y.

Opdracht 5: studie van het perspectief/ winterlandschap/techniek:aquarel

Birch Trees Watercolor Lesson

Monet: A birch tree art project for older kids that teaches multiple watercolor art technqiues. Perfect for elementary kids in fifth and sixth grade.

Winter-Bird-art-lesson Stunning art for kids. I love it! From

Winter Bird Art Lesson

Winter Bird Art Lesson: Lois Ehlert’s book, Snowballs, is yet another inspiring book for elementary school art lessons. Instead of the featured snowmen, I gravitated towards the wonderful birds in birch trees.

Trees: Paint over entire surface with different Fall colors. They can run together a bit but we don't want it to become one single mixed shade. Let dry completely. Take your black paint, and make it quite watery. Using your paintbrush or an eyedropper drop in some paint at the bottom. Blow upward to form a trunk. Add more black paint where you want your branches to begin and blow the paint as far as you can. Keep blowing until you have the tree looking the way you want it to. Dry flat...

that artist woman: How to Paint Fall Trees Use watercolor in fall colors for the background. Let dry. Dip straw or brush into watery black paint and create the trunk. Use the straw to blow the branches of the tree.