Kalevala Koru, Finland, 115 Kivennavan sormus

Replica of the Carelian ring from Kivennapa by one of Finland's most renowned jewelry companies

VTG MODERNIST " MOON GODDESS " EARRINGS Kalevala Koru, finnish, Finland

Pattern modified from 1000 year old grave finding

Kalevala Koru: rannekoru, pronssi, karjalainen nauhapujotelma

Bracelet (bronze) made by Kalevala Koru. Pattern after ancient Karelian cord braiding

Kalevala Koru Lumihiutale sormus

Kalevala Koru Lumihiutale sormus

Kalevala Jewelry designs and manufactures high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry in Helsinki, Finland. This Scandinavian design jewelry brand has brought joy to all jewelry lovers since

kalevala koru

kalevala koru

Kalevala Koru / Kalevala Jewelry / Filigraani-sormus 0,06 ct / 14K keltakulta tai valkokulta

Scandinavian handmade engagement and wedding rings forged for your special day with passion by Kalevala Jewelry.

Iku-Turso -rannekoru - Rannekorut - Verkkokauppa

Kalevala Koru bracelets have their roots in antiquity. The prototype for this bracelet dates from A. It was worn by Finnish tribes living in Russia.

Uskelan solki spektroliitilla

Uskelan solki spektroliitilla

KNOT OF FATE BROOCH by Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Koru. Originals ancient Finnish jewelry from Bronze or Iron Age. material: 14 carat gold or bronze or silver

KNOT OF FATE BROOCH According to beliefs, the one who could string beautiful braids could also control the wind direction as well as birth a.

Lapin sormus

Tämä sormus on Toivotuimmat klassikot -yleisöäänestyksen voittaja.