Wood-fired hot tub. I'm fairly certain I need one.

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs hot tub picture gallery gives unique ideas from installing to use of your own cedar hot tub at home.

My wife said the cabin has to have a sauna

A mobile sauna in Finland, built/designed by the London-based architects Denizen Works I felt this little cabin on skids (making it ".

Friend of mine makes wood burning hot tubs  like this one for the UK market at www.forestflame.co.uk

cabinporn: Wood-burning sauna and Snorkel tub in Naramata, BC, Canada. It’s surrounded by a five acre organic orchard of cherries, apples, pears and apricots called Picker Shack.

hot tubbing retreat

Wood Fire Hot Tub - Stress Relief From A Bit of Classic Wooden Hot Tub Luxury!

Roll in the snow after or during sauna...eeek! (But it's FUN!)

super funny hilarious pictures of hamobile sauna Super Funny Stuff Mobile Sauna in Russia

A tub is flanked with reclaimed pallets- brilliant!  -B & B by the Sea in the Netherlands

B & B by the Sea

Reclaimed pallets used to create barn door-like tub surround; In de Aap Boutique B, Bergen NH


There is something very special about Finnish sauna. I love sauna, everything about it.

wood burning hot tub

This wood burning hot tub is so awesome! Less pricey to buy and maintain than your every day hot tub and also: WAY more fun. t i n y g o g o : Doug and Erin's wood-fired hot tub

Irreverent history and description of the #sauna and sauna culture: Finnish sauna - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Finnish sauna

The Sauna (pronounced SOW-NAH), or "Really Hot Place Containing Naked People" is a Finnish.