Antique christmas ornaments

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an old tin box with some pictures on the lid and sides, sitting on a white surface
Stollwerck & Suchard
an ornament is shown with pine cones and evergreen branches around it, as well as a doll
a gnome sitting on top of a mushroom holding a potted plant in it's hand
an ornament hanging from a red string on a white background with snowflakes
Зимняя карусель . Бумажная елочная игрушка СССР» на Мешке
an angel ornament hanging from the ceiling with flowers on it's wings
an angel figurine hanging on a white cloth with flowers and leaves in it
German cotton angel w. Dresden wings
there is a figurine that has mushrooms on it
an ornament hanging from the side of a red wall next to a bell
CANDY CONTAINER um 1900 Dresdner Pappe Madel Engel Santa Oblaten Gaze Baumbehang
an arrangement of decorative items is displayed on a wicker tablecloth with pine branches