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A big sauna with a huge window looking out on the forest and the outdoor hot tub that's big enough for many people to warm up from the cold. This could also be used as a cold pool for dunking after sweating in the sauna.

Sauna ideas with stone wall. Nice use of indirect lighting, but I think we need windows too.

10 inspiring designs for the perfect lakeside sauna – Cottage Life

Sauna by Kannustalo, Finland

Wood Burning Sauna by Kannustalo, Finland. Great use of the darker wood in the sauna.

Steam Room, Sauna, minus Plunge Pool add Jacuzzi tub.

A Deeper Look Into One Winner of the World Architecture News' Long List of Best Houses From 2011

Modern Finnish sauna

All of 100 kg of sauna stones are held in a steel brazier. The secret behind this top-quality stove's soft and relaxing heat is in full-length heating.


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Expo Sauna Kyly - shower space

Sauna by Avanto Architects, even the shower is wooden walls and ceeling

Finnish Sauna Plans | Finnish Sauna ...

// "sauna to the finnish is sacred" // this is the description a man in helsinki gave us when we went in search of a sauna experience in helsinki.