50 degrees in Florida vs. 50 degrees in Wisconsin. if I hear one more time "it's so cold" when it's over 50 degrees. try shoveling snow honey.

Karelian pies

This includes a recipe for what my mom called "milk rice". Cook Your Dream: Karelian Pies, winter holiday and Finnish cuisine and traditions

crazy finns lol

Sauna Time by Scandinavia and the world. Slap yourself with birch twigs. Jump in the snow.

Oulu, Finland. Can not wait!

Finland Check out Beautiful World Bucket List for more beautiful places - Never Miss A Post! If you would like to submit a beautiful place on your bucket list, check out Your Bucket List for.

Moominpappa planning his day trip in Oulu. this is cute! I wanna do this

Moominpappa planning his day trip in Oulu.