Alles ist relativ... keine Angst vor deutscher Grammatik - es gibt Schlimmeres !

makes me all the more impressed with the fact that my dad learned rudimentary Finnish in his

Suomen kieli on rikas kieli. Finska språket är ett rikt språk.

I don't know how accurate the cultural translation is, but to avoid all the conjugations, simple is good. And every Finn I met was pretty conservative with words.

Welcome to the Finnish language

For anyone who has attempted to learn Finnish they will know that it is a formidable foe, an arduous linguistic beast to slay.

And you tell me that Finnish is difficult language? Kuusi palaa. #englantisuomi” via @LasseTuononen

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Finnish is a great language! This pin demonstrates that a two word sentence can have multiple meaning depending on context but a few of these would be rarely, if ever.

James chapman illustrations - Google Search

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? It finally happened. I caved into peer pressure and drew a bunch of foxes Sorry it took so long. I hope I& not too late to the meme party. (In case you were living inside a rock under another rock, here is some context )