Blue-walled sauna / Siniseinäinen sauna

Blue-walled sauna / Siniseinäinen sauna--wonder if AJ will let me paint our sauna.

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A wet sauna is also called a steam room. You get the picture: a room with steam in it. What I want to talk about is a dry sauna, usually a minimum of 180 degrees, low

Sauna interior

Nice clean look. I may want to add loose polished river rock below the sauna to improve the look of the bare concrete. Would still have board "mats" above to allow allow for walking. Also should have wood guard for the heater.

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Sauna Box This tradtional wood-burning sauna is built into shipping container. The suana box is completely self-sufficient, with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The box comes standad with ipod.

Sauna design

Space Vision has been designed for those who enjoy saunas surrounded by light and a sensation of space.

Saunas and steam room can be relaxing and provide health benefits. Check out this page to hear why a good sweat, and getting the heart rate up is so good.