Persoonallinen sauna

Mökillä sauna on yksi tärkeimmistä paikoista, mutta miksi se usein on jäänyt…

House AUS (парная+моечная) интерьер, назначение - квартира, дом | тип - баня…

The simple, sculptural design adds timeless style to the sauna. Harvia stoves gives glowing heat and magnificent bath.

The Healthy Benefits of a Sauna - Why you should fit in more sauna time...

The Healthy Benefits of a Sauna

The Health Benefits of a Sauna - Why you should fit in more sauna time.

In the freezing winter months this wooden sauna on a Finnish island can be towed like a sledge over a frozen lake to find the right spot for a plunge pool.

Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works + Friends

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Sauna Box This tradtional wood-burning sauna is built into shipping container. The suana box is completely self-sufficient, with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The box comes standad with ipod.

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Custom Built Finnish Style Wood burning and Electric Saunas

Is it legal to pull a trailer behind a trailer?  Or is it possible for a tiny shower to double as a sauna in an already tiny house?

The "SUNDAY / DIMANCHE Portable Sauna", a project by artist Carissa Carman in Montreal, Canada.

Denizen Sauna

Recycled Sauna in Finland Flies Past Planning Hurdles With Clever Mobile Design Sauna by Denizen Works – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building