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a person riding a bike down a snow covered street with buildings in the background on a sunny day
Kadettikoulunkatu, Hamina
an empty street lined with wooden houses
Hamina Finland (photo Arja Keskitalo)
people shopping at an outdoor flower market in the middle of town, with umbrellas and tables full of flowers
Hamina Market Square is very lively in summer time and this is were you can meet the locals.
a row of yellow buildings with trees lining the street
Rauhankatu, Hamina
a woman standing in front of a desk with many items on it
Unelmien Talo&Koti – iloa ja ideoita sisustukseen
Rakennuspuoti Hamina rakennustarvike vanha talo
an aerial view of a large building with many people around it
hamina finland - Bing images
several large white tents with people standing under them in front of a fence and grass area
Hamina Bastion The Central Bastion built in 1803-1811 is the largest bastion in the fortress of Hamina. Its 58 casemates, i.e. masonry vaults, were originally designed as explosion-proof storage facilities. Today, the Central Bastion is the event arena Hamina Bastion, which is covered by the largest canopy in Europe for the summer.
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling next to a window
Museums in Hamina | Visit Kotka-Hamina
The museum building is the oldest building in Hamina built for private use. The Russian Empress Catherine II and her cousin, King Gustavus III of Sweden, negotiated in the building in 1783. The museum houses a permanent exhibition displaying the colourful history of Hamina, plus temporary exhibitions.
an empty street in front of a yellow building
Museums in Hamina | Visit Kotka-Hamina
The museum presents the traditions of the Reserve Officer School and its students since the 1920s.
a white church with a clock tower in the background and trees around it, on a sunny day
The medieval stone church dedicated to St Mary is the oldest building in South-Eastern Finland.
two white houses sitting next to each other in front of some trees and grass on a cloudy day
Museums in Hamina | Visit Kotka-Hamina
Yeoman, petty nobility and school history, and the experiences of women who did voluntary service during war time.
cars parked in front of a building with a dome on the top and trees around it
Orthodox Church of St Peter and St Paul A rare Neoclassical round temple with Byzantine influences, designed by the Italian-French architect Louis Visconti.
a church in the middle of winter with snow on the ground
The Neoclassical church of the Lutheran parish follows the design of Greek temples. The church built in 1843 was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel.
a large building with a clock tower on top
The Town Hall (1798) at the hub of the eight radial streets now houses municipal offices.
an old building with snow on the ground
Tanelinkulma Originally the town residence of the Russian Aladin family, which has lived in Hamina since the 19th century.