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Learn to Identify your plants so you can give them the care they need. Plant care tips available at

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  Rabbit Foot Fern, Ferns Care, Plant Identification, Longwood Gardens, Plant Care, House Plants, Home Plants, Houseplants, Foliage Plants

Rabbit's Foot Fern

How to grow a Rabbit's Foot fern care guide. Learn about light, water, fertilizer, soil, pests, and propagation. See picture, get answers to care questions.

Peperomia Incana: Growing The Felted Pepperface Peperomia Plant, Plant Cuttings, Freshwater Aquarium Plants, Planted Aquarium, Hair Meaning, Tiny White Flowers, Replant, Foliage Plants, Outdoor Plants

Peperomia Incana

A Peperomia is a thick- leaved, semi-succulent, small, easy care plant. See a picture and get answers to plant care questions at

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Balfour "Dinnerplate" Aralia

Balfour Aralia plant care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, and prune a Balfour aralia, also called a Dinner Plate or Polyscias-scutellaria aralia. See a picture, read answers to Balfour Aralia plant care questions.

Balfour Aralia - How to Grow Care Advice Indoor Trees, Indoor Plants, Bonsai Plants, Garden Plants, How To Grow Bonsai, Low Light Plants, Plant Diseases, Poisonous Plants, Plant Identification

Balfour Aralia

Learn how to identify, grow, care for, propagate, and maintain your plants like this Balfour Aralia from

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Schefflera Elegantissima, or Spider Aralia

False Aralia or Spider Aralia, is a beautiful plant with long, narrow, serrated leaves. Learn how to grow and care for a False Aralia at

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Philodendron "Burle Marx"

Philodendron "Congo" plant care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, and propagate a Philodendron Congo also called a Philodendron Tatei. Learn about light, water, fertilizer, plant pests and diseases and pests. See a picture and get answers to Philodendron plant care questions.

  Ti Plant, Snake Plant Care, Plant Diseases, Plant Identification, Colorful Plants, Tropical Flowers, Cut Flowers, House Plants, Hawaiian

Hawaiian Ti Plant "Green"

A Hawaiian Ti plant with its brightly colored, sword-shaped leaves, is perfect for a bright area. Learn to grow and care for a Ti plant at

  China Doll Plant, Fast Growing Plants, Plant Identification, China Dolls, Propagation, Plant Care, See Picture, Green Leaves, Houseplants

China Doll Plant

A China Doll plant is a fast growing plant with lacy-looking, glossy, green leaves. Read how to grow care tips at

How to Grow a Ctenanthe Plant - Ctenanthe Care Guide Indoor Flowers, Indoor Plants, Indoor Garden, Prayer Plant, House Plant Care, Poisonous Plants, Mother Plant, Plant Identification, Plants

Ctenanthe Plant

Ctenanthe plants are grown for their large, beautiful leaves. Learn about light, water, food and other tips on how to grow a Ctenanthe at

  Persian Shield Plant, Belle Plante, Plant Identification, Plant Care, Houseplants, Backyard, Patio, Flowers, Iridescent

Persian Shield Plant

A Persian Shield plant has purple and green iridescent leaves and thrives in warm humid areas. Learn to grow and care for a Persian Shield at

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Swedish Ivy- White Edged

A Swedish Ivy (Creeping Charlie plant) is a lush, hanging plant that also flowers. Learn how to grow and care for a Swedish Ivy at

Dwarf Bolivian Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Minima Callisia Repens - Chain Plant - Turtle Vine Indoor spiderwort - I have three options available to suit your needs: 10 Easy to Root Cuttings Or 20 Easy to Root Cuttings OR 2 Pot with 5 Rooted Plants Dwarf Wandering Jew, Marijuana Plants, Indoor Plants, Hanging Plants, Garden Plants, Amazing Gardens, Houseplants, Garden Landscaping, Perennials

Callista repens

Callista repens (Creeping Inchplant, Turtle Vine) is a succulent plant: leaves have purple undersides.

Scadoxus multiflorus (Blood Lily) is a popular geophyte that grows from a rhizomatous bulb. The spectacular flower head is a huge. Succulents In Containers, Cacti And Succulents, Lily Care, Cactus, Vegetable Garden Design, Ornamental Plants, Potting Soil, Types Of Plants, Cool Plants

Scadoxus - Blood Lily identifies this plant as a bulb plant called Scadoxus, relative of the Amaryllis Plant. Learn more about a Scadoxus at

Large size of stunning personable tropical house plants low light bathroom together with houseplants good for . Indoor Tropical Plants, Indoor Plants Low Light, Best Indoor Plants, Cool Plants, Outdoor Plants, Air Plants, Indoor Trees, Potted Plants, Dracaena Massangeana

Indoor Tropical Plants

Learn to care for these plants: Popular Houseplant section of