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⠀ ꒰ white widow┊1988┊mcu ꒱ ❝ and without even a kiss goodbye? no? then how about a bite instead. ❞
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white widow aesthetic, yelena belova aesthetic ♡


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marvel character ⇢ aesthetic: ‘the white widow’ yelena belova ♡


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a collage of hands reaching out to touch another person's hand, with the words guide to starting from scratch in total control
white widow aesthetic, yelena belova aesthetic ♡
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a person wearing black leather gloves with gold accents on their wrist and fingers, standing in front of a tile floor
yelena belova “white widow” [aesthetic] ♡
a poem written in black ink on white paper with the words that night, after the movie driving my father's car along the country roads, i be - can to wonder how real the landscape truly was
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33.0US $ |Yelena Black Widow Halloween Costume | Yelena Belova Black Widow Suit - Cosplay - Aliexpress
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the text reads, i'm not sure if this is true or false that people are