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a close up of a person opening a wine bottle
Etch Your Name Into Your Metal Tools Easily and Permanently
​Customize your tools by etching your name or labels onto them in a way that will never rub off.
a bench and table in front of a wall with some tools hanging from it's sides
Learn How to Build a Clamp Rack that will hold all of your clamps and can be modified to fit your needs!
a sewing machine sitting on top of a wooden table next to a drawer filled with tools
Holy. Shit. This is amazing!! If of course need one for the garage, but this could be extremely useful in my future craft room / she-shed / tiny house as well! I love regular lazy Susans, and this one is like the godmother of all other lesser lazy Susans. So cool.
an image of a man working on some wooden furniture in the process of being assembled
Fold-Down Cutting Rack:
a man working in a garage with lots of shelves
Woodshop on Wheels: Ron Paulk on the Design of His Mobile Woodshop, Part 1 - Core77
Woodshop on Wheels: Ron Paulk on the Design of His Mobile Woodshop, Part 1
a close up of a wooden object on a table with woodworking tools in it
Ошибка 429
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a cement floor
Railroad track anvil
This was my second home made anvil. It seemed like a good idea but the overall weight was to low and I never really used it much.
a man standing in front of a cabinet filled with tools
Bench Tool System Woodworking Plan.
31-MD-00560 - Bench Tool System Woodworking Plan.
a man is working on the electrical wiring in his home office, with words describing how to wire wires
Hang extension cord high using the simple suspension cable shown. The whole cord system slides back against the wall. Drive two screw eyes into a ceiling joist to hold the clothesline. Fasten the clothesline to one screw eye, slip the metal shower curtain rings over it, and attach the other end to the other screw eye. Space the rings along the clothesline as shown, slip the extension cord through the rings, and secure the cord to them with wire ties. —Buck Nall, Alma, Ga.
a room with several shelves and various tools on the wall, including shoes hanging from pegboards
37 Garage Hacks To Declutter And Organize Perfectly
Is your garage a mess of random stuff piled up? You certainly need some garage hacks! Pick the best ones from