Marimekko´s spring/summer 2014

Marimekko's interior decoration collection: Oiva/Kurjenpolvi tableware, pattern design by Aino-Maija Metsola for Marimekko & product design by Sami Ruotsalainen for Marimekko.

Converse Oxford Mustakottarainen black

Converse Oxford Mustakottarainen black / The Converse Marimekko Collection featured signature prints created by influential Marimekko designers and applied to Converse’s favorite canvases.

Converse Hi-Top Piekana

Thus we are super excited to present you the new Converse and Marimekko sneakers fall/winter 2013 line

Toimi | Kassit | Marimekko

Toimi = for the office. Tuula Pöyhönen's clever series of Normi canvas bags has become an instant Marimekko classic. In a classic black colour, our Toimi, Olga and Pasi bags take their dimensions from standard paper sizes – and Toimi is 35 x 45 cm.

CT OX Marimekko | Kengät | Marimekko

CT OX Marimekko shoes by Marimekko and Converse. Print design by Maija Louekari.

Muoto-tunika | marimekko

Marimekon Muoto-tunika on NIIN mun näköinen!

Merimies - Marimekko

My summer holiday ends in a couple of days, so I just had to get a new bag for work. In love with my new Marimekko Merimies/Sailor bag.

Siirtolapuutarha-lautanen | Oiva -kulhot ja lautaset | Marimekko

Siirtolapuutarha Plate - Round Ø 20 cm Siirtolapuutarha - White & black - Ø 20 cm by Marimekko

visti-mekko | marimekko pakko saada!

visti-mekko | marimekko pakko saada!

Weekender | Kassit | Marimekko

Weekender | Kassit | Marimekko