Beautiful sauna

add lavender oil into a bucket full of charcoal that is hot and steamy.As soon as you do that the lavender scent will come out , it is very relaxy to do that way, better, and you will feel refreshed and sleep much better at night.

TreeHouse / FMD Architects*★Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince.

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Sauna designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki Finland. It is built by simply laying massive logs over each other on a plot five by six meters.

Modern Finnish Design Sauna Kyly by Avanto Architects Kyly is a massive wood sauna designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki .

The transition from interior to exterior is very smooth thanks to the restraint palette of materials that was used. The materials sued for this project include timber piece that were left to weather naturally, zinc and self-finished oxide renders.

The Richard Kirk Architect Residence Project

poolhouse in westport, connecticut

Vibe - grasses, contemporary A Contemporary Connecticut Poolhouse by SPaN Architects : Interiors + Inspiration : Architectural Digest

Keep it simple (+ probably expensive - nice nevertheless). Sams Creek Residence by Bates Masi Architects

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