00's aesthetic

Rediscover the iconic 00's aesthetic and update your look with trendy fashion and decor ideas. Dive into the vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unique styles of the 2000s for a fresh and nostalgic vibe.
Barbiecore is inspired by Mattel fashion doll Barbie. It involves a feeling of sassy, sparkly McBling style and aesthetic. Barbiecore is similar to Baddies, with the identical trait of the "I-do-what-I-want" attitude. The aesthetic also includes "girly" 2000s television series (e.g. Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, etc.), as well as vintage makeup products like LipSmacker. 1 Fashion 1.1 Accessories 1.2 Websites & Stores 2 Movies 3 Music 3.1 Playlists 3.2 Artists 4 Gallery Dramatic pink makeup ... Vintage, Fashion Dolls, Barbie, Boho, Grunge, Poses, Fotografia, Barbiecore Aesthetic, Girl

Barbiecore is a hyperfeminine aesthetic inspired by Mattel fashion doll Barbie. Barbiecore is the more kid-friendly version of its more adult, jaded, McBling inspired sisters Bubblegum Bitch and Bimbocore. The main defining characteristic of this aesthetic, which can vary in fashion style, is the color hot pink. The aesthetic also includes more "girly" 2000s television series like Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, which focused on middle class American families. These shows encouraged…

Kimberly Crawford