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Step back in time with these elegant and timeless 1918 fashion ideas. Discover the iconic styles that defined the era and find inspiration for your own vintage look.
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"The Lost Art of Dress" by Linda Przybyszedwski, PHD I will refer to the kind Dr. as Dr. Pski hence forward. Dr. Pski is a professor at Notre Dame, noted historian, and a woman who loves to sew. Don't you just love that combination? She believes she is the only woman to present before the Supreme Court in an outfit of her own making. Our kind of woman, right? In this book she introduces us to the "Dress Doctors", a group made up of retailers, extension agents, home economists, writers and…

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It has been years since I went to see a movie in a theater, but with so many rave reviews for Wonder Woman, I decided I had to take my sister, daughter, and friend to see this epic woman-powered superhero movie (which is highly rated by every man I know as well). Apparently, I am

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September 1918, The Delineator. The green-blueish dress at the bottom of the page is sort of bowling ping skirt, don't you think? 1918 Fashion, Henry Fuseli, 10s Fashion, Unc Charlotte, Thomas Lawrence, Fashion 1910, Giovanni Boldini, Anthony Van Dyck, 1910s Fashion

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