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Step back in time to the swinging 1960s era in London. Discover the iconic fashion, music, and culture that defined this vibrant period in the city's history.
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"Swinging England" was the fad in 1968. Carnaby Street had shops with "mod" clothing and other popular items. It still does. Lady Jane, on the left, was the first ladies' fashion boutique on Carnaby Street. I went into a store called "I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet." It sold men's clothing, and items with the Union Jack in unlikely places, like on wastebaskets. Carnaby Street is now the center of a pedestrians-only shopping area. This is my most viewed photo, with over 6,300 views in February…

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They’d roam around the hippest places in London and Brighton, showing off their new designer clothes or riding their Italian scooters. It’s the mods, ladies and gentlemen! A true staple of 60s fashion, the mod style has never completely disappeared and, while it stayed underground throughout some decades, it has seen more than one revival. Discover its origins and learn to dress like them with our guide to mod fashion! Credit: Shaping a Generation History of Mod Fashion Credit: GQ This…

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She seemed so in control, Christine Keeler. Silent, lovely, her head up, defiant. But we now know that when the scandal broke over her affair with John Profumo, the minister for war, in 1963, she wasn’t in control at all. She was silent in that storm in the way a child is silent— because it’s the only thing she could do.